Who We Are

Lazy Electron is a small, cross-functional team that seeks to help clients solve business problems using technology and data. We have over 35 years of combined experience implementing and operating technology solutions and coaching professionals in our respective areas.

About our Name

We chose our name because electrons are wondrous little things. They are intrinsically lazy - electrons seek the most efficient path and don’t do work they don’t have to do. Movement of electrons is the basis of modern computing, and so much of our lives rely upon it. Our day-to-day work and play are tremendously reliant on these infinitesimal charged particles going about their business as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Everything from meaningless social media messages to the delivery of critical, life-saving doses of medicine rely on electrons choosing the path of least resistance.

Unfortunately, we humans aren’t quite as nimble, and a lot of our efforts suffer from waste - bits of time and energy spent on unnecessary tasks, and dealing with friction that slows us down. We want to be more like electrons, and to restore them to their natural state of laziness by eliminating unnecessary work.

Early computer scientist Larry Wall is credited with authoring the Three Virtues of a great computer programmer. In our opinion, the most important of these is laziness. The desire to avoid unnecessary work drives us to devise better processes, and to create software and tools to save time and energy.

By way of comparison with other engineering fields, computing and software development are still in their infancy, and yet we already rely immensely on the output of this profession. Lazy Electron is dedicated to the advancement of our profession - we try to be good stewards by supporting educational opportunities and events in our local community, and using our experience to encourage and mentor others.

About The Team

Ryan Davis is a seasoned software engineer, who has worked on projects in numerous industries and technological platforms over many years.

Heather Fullen is an experienced professional analyst and project manager, with experience in software testing, business process analysis, business intelligence, and team and project management.